Estrellita Avendano - Miss Teen Compton 2015-2016

My Story

Representing my community wherever I may be is such an honor. I acknowledge that it is tough to describe the essence of the Compton Community to an outsider but Compton is without a doubt home. Being Miss Teen Compton gives me the privilege to introduce the importance of education to the youth by creating more educational programs as my platform. I believe that the more the youth is motivated to get their education the more they’ll want to achieve and the better image we’ll get. We need to show these outsiders that we are capable of reaching academic success as well and that the city we come from doesn’t define us. I am currently attending Cerritos College and will receive my AA degree first to start as a preschool teacher, I will continue going to school and transfer to UCLA to major in elementary education. Helping kids is something i’m extremely passionate about because I feel as if kids are the ones that need that extra help and attention because they’re in the age of their mind developing and I would love to make a positive impact in their lives. I am Estrellita(Star) Avendano proud to represent the beautiful city of Compton and a change is coming soon.