Stephanie Viscarra - Miss Compton 2015-2016

My Story

It is such an honor to have been given the opportunity to represent our community by becoming Miss Compton. My family and I moved here thirteen years ago and have learned so many positive things about the people around us since. My educational career changed when I moved here and I have to say I am grateful. I came across teachers like Ms. Countz and Ms. Smith who pushed me to be the best debater I could be at Roosevelt Middle School. As cliché as it may sound they helped me believe in myself, which is the first step in taking your potential to the next level. When I went to high school I was lucky enough to already have an idea of what I liked to do. I joined the mock trial team and became president my senior year. My time as a Golden Eagle taught me skill, discipline, and contributed to molding my character. My mock trial sponsor Dr. Graeber taught me that working hard is the only way to success, I mean come on winging it can only go so far guys. I graduated King Drew Medical Magnet High School with high honors and have since then taken on the next chapter of my life, college. I've said all this to say, that growing up in Compton gave me a real perspective on life, I met people who truly made a difference from me. I aspire to be as helpful as I can be. to the children of our community by contributing in every way that I can. I am still learning myself but knowing that as time goes by I am growing professionally and personally makes me happy. Thank you so much for your support I look forward to meeting as many people as I can and building different relationships throughout my year as Miss Compton.